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Clothing wholesale three sources: brand goods, factory goods, goods

Do clothing wholesale people know several goods, Tao, like the following brands, factory goods, a good three sources of goods I believe you also encountered a lot of clothing wholesale business.

Brand goods are most familiar to everyone. As long as any clothing is on the market, it must be listed. By brand goods here, I mean some more formal companies, more formal brands, such as joining in, chain and other sales methods of the brand. Factory goods, this is the largest sales group in the market. White Horse in Guangzhou, Dongmen in Shenzhen, and Xinqipu in Shanghai are all based on making these goods. The factory goods I am referring to have the following characteristics. Brands are generally unknown, but the style is fashionable, and the quality depends on the price. A Penny for a penny, the supply is stable, and hot-selling styles can be processed continuously by double-listing. This kind of goods occupies most of the zero-lot market. In general, many people in the wholesale market will say that they have factories, Ha Ha most people do not own factories, is to look for clothing manufacturers do goods, the world is full of factories, look for factories to do goods is very simple, a handful, want to do what you can.

Fake goods, the so-called fake goods are also called fine imitation goods. As the name implies, they are exquisite imitation goods. All We need to do is distinguish between genuine goods and fake goods. At present, many people sell fake goods as foreign trade goods. It is also very simple, as long as he has a brand, it comes in all shapes and sizes. The number of yards is complete, the supply is stable, so he is making quality goods. It is normal to make quality goods now. This is the situation of our country,

but as long as you are not too vegetable, wholesalers generally will not deceive you, will directly tell you this is not good. The threshold for entry into the garment industry is not high, as long as you can talk, master various sources of goods, it is not difficult to do clothing wholesale, what is difficult is our mentality of doing clothing wholesale, must have the mentality which can withstand the responsibility and the pressure to do the clothing wholesale is the kingcraft.

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