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Design and custom-made clothing design

Series custom-made clothing design refers to a designer for a theme, a season, a consumer group, a design concept launched by the group, comprehensive clothing design custom activities.

The composition of a collection should be at least 2 sets, and there are no limits to how many sets. Generally, 2-4 sets of clothing in groups are called small series, 5-7 sets of clothing in groups a
called medium series, and 8 sets of clothing in groups are called large series, compared with single-suit custom-made clothing, the series custom-made clothing design has obvious expressive force and appeal, which can create the theme atmosphere and popular atmosphere, publicize the business design and management concept, and establish a good corporate image, catering to the rich consumer choices and needs of specific consumer groups has an important meaning.

Series custom-made clothing design and a single set of clothing design custom the basic approach is basically the same, but to consider the increase in factors and scope of expansion. If the single-set garment design is mainly top-down, from the inside to the outside of the vertical matching design, then the series of custom-made clothing designs on this basis to expand the content of the horizontal matching garment design. Therefore, the series clothing not only between each set has a close connection, even may exchange the position vulgarly matches mutually, to the new combination, moreover, each clothing appears separately, also is the complete unification.

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